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Mexico court ruling could eventually lead to legal marijuana

A narrow ruling by Mexico’s Supreme Court could eventually clear a path to make recreational use of marijuana legal.
Four people in the Mexican Society for Responsible and Tolerant Personal Use will now be permitted to grow and smoke their own marijuana.
Marijuana still cannot be sold in Mexico but some say the court’s ruling could lead to full legalisation.
Mexico has long struggled with violent conflict from drug cartels.
The advocacy group first brought the case forward in 2013, seeking permission to grow plants for recreational use.
The court voted 4-1 that prohibiting people from growing the drug for consumption was unconstitutional.
In a country that faces drug violence on a massive scale, this is a significant ruling. Although the ruling only applies to the individuals who brought the case to the Supreme Court, activists see this as a huge first step.
Armando Santacruz was one of the plaintiffs. A prominent businessman here in Mexico, he has spearheaded the campaign and told me he sees this as opening the door to many more cases.
But Mexicans are divided when it comes to the legalization of drugs. Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto has been firmly against any change to drug policy so the battle to legalise marijuana here has only just begun.
It could set a legal precedent for future rulings concerning the use and sales of marijuana.
People celebrated the ruling by smoking joints outside of the Supreme Court building.
“If … this supreme court is taking such an important step toward legalization of drugs, or at least some of them, I suggest that we are equally careful and responsible in crafting a ruling of the same magnitude,” said Judge Jose Ramon Cossio, who voted in favour of the measure.
There are tens of thousands of drug-related killings in the country every year.
The country has been pressured to loosen its drug laws after the US made the drug legal in certain states.
In 2009, Mexico made it legal to carry up to 5 grams (.18oz) of marijuana.

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Personal Injury Attorneys really can help you!


Personal Injury Accident Lawyer –Getting a Personal Injury Lawyer

A lot of people get into accidents every year whether it’s an accident coming from your work place or from car accident. It will leave you stress out and you might feel lost sometimes. You want to seek justice from people who caused the accident but you don’t know where to turn to and where to go and that is when a personal injury accident lawyer comes in. A personal accident lawyer is the one you will ask for help. They will be your legal representation in the court to find justice against to those whoever hurt you. If you think you are one of those people who need help from a personal injury lawyer then have a take a look at this first. It might be helpful for you if you are thinking of hiring one.
Why you should Hire One
While you are so stress out and constantly healing from whatever injuries, suffering and pain whether physically or emotionally the personal accident lawyer can help you ease some of the most important things that you worry about.
Your personal injury lawyer can help you pay with the medical expenses, lost wages or any accident related expenses that they have collected aside from whatever coverage that you have from your insurance if you have one.
Getting a personal injury accident lawyer will be a wise decision and has a lot of advantages in your part.
Hiring a personal injury lawyer will get you more money from accident claim than those who do not hire a lawyer. This is actually base on some statistics. Your lawyers are expert. They have experiences on working with other defense lawyers so the more you will be protected and helped. This will save you time too. Instead of you going to places and getting documents that you need, your attorney can do this for you instead whether getting some important reports from investigators or meeting the doctor to get your medical records. And you don’t have to pay any charges if you don’t win the case.
Tips on Getting One
If you are thinking of getting a personal injury accident lawyer then you have to take action right away especially just after the accident so that the attorney can act as soon as possible. Be clear with your communication with your lawyer. Listen and understand what your lawyer is saying during your negotiation that includes the fees, charges that your lawyer will get if ever you win your case.
Choose your lawyer well. Study him as well like how much experiences he has or how he handles his cases before. There are a lot of good lawyers around. You can actually find a lot of great attorneys online. Try to search one that’s near you. Location is also important if you want a lawyer that can keep in touch with you more often. Observe their personality. A good lawyer is not just about how well they can handle their cases they also need to be sympathetic towards their client. Just be wise on choosing your lawyer. More here @
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Crash lawyer Andrew Houston cleared of causing deaths

_88060517_andrewhouston04An Edinburgh lawyer has been cleared of causing the deaths of three people by careless driving.
Andrew Houston, 48, had denied driving carelessly on the A9 between Newtonmore and Kingussie on 9 July 2013.
His wife, Abigail, and seven year-old daughter, Mia, died along with German tourist Dr Mohammad Hayajneh.
Houston was convicted of a reduced charge of careless driving. He was fined £1,000 and disqualified from driving for a year.
The trial at Inverness Sheriff Court began on Monday.
‘Proper closure’
Outside the court the family of Dr Hayajneh said they had not wanted Houston jailed but did not feel justice had been served.
Mr Hayajneh’s son Jonas said: “We are sad at this verdict and believe that justice has not been done for our father and husband.
“We don’t feel hatred towards Mr Houston and at no point we wanted him to go to prison, but we wanted him to be found guilty since all the evidence suggested he was and we are convinced that this tragedy could have been avoided.
“We now face the prospect of not gaining proper closure.”
Dr Hayajneh’s wife, Ursula, praised the actions of the police and medical staff in the aftermath of the accident.
She said: “After the accident I learned that Scottish people are very helpful, they have a great heart and so friendly and at this horrible time I would say ‘thank you’ to the police and to everybody who were so helpful to me.”
Houston is a senior partner at McSporrans defence Solicitors in Edinburgh.
Now the family will pursue a civil action against Houston.
He made no comment as he left the court with the mother of his late wife and her sister.
However, his defence counsel, Frances McMenamin said: “His mother and sister in law have been fully supportive of my client since the tragedy and it hardly needs saying that Mr Houston will always carry the burden of the loss of all those lives and knows the grief and loss to others.
“It has taken its toll on him both emotionally and physically and he has found it psychologically difficult to cope with.
“He expresses his inevitable sadness for what this loss has meant to others.”
It was five months before the solicitor advocate was fit enough to be interviewed by police about the tragedy.
But he could not remember how it happened, only a loud bang “and the horrid aftermath” he told officers.

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