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When is a Person Too Old to Drive?
I have a friend complaining that his neighbor was still driving at 95. He went on to describe at length how he would see the garage door roll open several times a week at all times of the day and night and marvel at how this little elderly woman – nearly impossible to see above the dashboard and behind the steering wheel – would inch her way down the drive and then down the street.

Those who lived close by knew to stay off the road when she set off because she had a habit of forgetting to stop at stop signs and driving on the wrong side of the road. Police had been called on several occasions, but – as yet – law enforcement had been unable to deny her a driver’s license. More info on this website

This might be mildly amusing if it weren’t so potentially deadly. As baby boomers and their parents inch into their twilight years, it isn’t easy to get them to accept what should be considered a natural limit to their abilities. With age comes decreasing eyesight clarity, reflex response times, and impaired judgment – such as predicting the amount of time needed to make a left-hand turn in front of oncoming traffic.

I am not elder-bashing here. A wealth of studies have been done to support these premises – and the statistics are available to show that aging adults are less capable of handling several thousand-pound machines in increasingly congested traffic situations.

If you have an older parent or family member who is still driving – consider discussing alternative methods of transportation that may keep everyone safer.

News stories in which an elderly driver caused injury and death to others because of incapacitation are challenging to read – and most certainly are even more tragic to experience.

We want to protect elderly drivers from contributing to car accidents and getting injured.

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Know The Basics Of A Personal Injury Case

Personal injury cases are on the rise with people getting involved in Truck – Car accidents more and more.You should always find an great Truck Accident Lawyer because an injury can lead to physical and emotional stress. Most accidents happen due to negligence and recklessness. Whenever you or your loved one is injured, you can always claim compensation. You can file an injury claim if you are a victim of someone else’s negligence.

An injury can occur due to an auto accident, slip and fall case, deficient product, medical malpractice and more. These cases are handled by civil court proceedings, and the injured has to prove that the injury is caused due to the negligence of another person. Settling the dispute is easier through a formal lawsuit. The government as in the case of criminal law suits cannot initiate the proceedings. The victim has to seek the advice of the personal injury lawyer.

Only a formal lawsuit can help settle the case. In most cases, an informal settlement is sought. This is where both the parties sit together and come to a decision on the claims. Lawyers and insurers are involved in the negotiation process. There is a lot of negotiation that needs to be done to come to a fair compensation.

A written agreement will be signed, and the action taken will benefit the injured. There are laws that govern the personal injury case, and only a personal injury lawyer can help the claim process. Moreover, the personal injury lawyer calculates the claims after considering the physical, mental and emotional loss of the injured.

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What Are The Different Types Of Personal Injury Cases?

Accidents can be of many types in a personal injury case. What victims have to be aware is that accident is caused due to the carelessness of someone else. Having the right knowledge about negligence can help go for claims. A lawyer with prior experience in accident injury can understand the case and fight for claims.

There are many accident injury cases and the most common among them include, auto accidents which are the most common among personal injury cases. An auto accident case is where a victim is hit by another drive and suffers injuries. Financial compensation can be claimed in this case. The driver can be held for negligence of over speeding, DIU, traffic violations, etc.

Accidents in the workplace are another common form of accident. Here the victim is injured at the workplace, and there is every possibility of claiming workers compensation for injuries. Hire a lawyer that has prior experience in handling workers compensation cases. Slip & fall is another case that can lead to severe injuries and at times fatal as well.

There are many aspects to take into consideration while filling compensation for slip and fall case. The building management is responsible for slip and fall on a wet floor, uneven pavement or due to other environmental causes. It is important for the attorney to check for the violations that might have occurred at the builders end to claim compensation.

Medical malpractice can also result in personal injuries. The carelessness of the physician can result in injury. Mishaps by licensed medical practitioners are liable to compensation. Injuries post medical procedure is liable for compensation. Hiring a professional personal injury lawyer that has prior experience in handling similar case could be an added advantage.

Sometimes using defective products can also result in injury. Before putting up the product on the market, the manufacturers have to get approval from the concerned departments on the safety of the product. If proper warnings are not specified on the product, it is easier to seek compensation.

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Learn More About Personal Injury Compensation Package

The options are limitless when it comes to personal injury case. There is a conception that personal injury laws are designed to claim compensation from a large corporation or business houses. In a way, it may be true but it has to be remembered that the individual has all the right to be entitled to compensation. In most cases, personal injury law has created the lifeline for survival.

Many families that have injured or lost their dear ones in accident deserve to be provided with the right compensation for the negligent action of others. An accident can cripple a person for life, leave a child orphaned or leave mounting medical bills to be cleared. In all of these cases, compensation can help ease the situation.

A personal injury claim can provide the justice that can help the injured and their family lead a life of dignity and respect. There are many personal injury compensation packages that are available that include medical treatment and rehab, compensating for present and future income, replacing damaged property both movable and immovable and providing non-monetary losses for the mental agony undergone by the injured and their family.

Apart from this, the compensation will be provided in terms of monetary means to the injured. Remember that an accident can be highly impacting and can put your life out of track. Choosing the right personal injury lawyer can show the right path to succeeding in getting the most of the claims. It is important to learn more about the compensation program and take into account the cost and expenses incurred due to the injury.


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